Now that we are past the halfway point of the program, we begin to think about how we want to continue living the 7 Steps and sharing them with others. Our Donation Appeal occurs during Week 7. A generous attitude on the part of the Core Team can go a long way to inspire participants to give back.



1. Review the Appreciation Phase to ensure you complete each step.

2. Review the Donation Appeal Tutorial to prepare for the donation appeal during week 7.

3. Estimate the average number of couples in attendance at each session and communicate this number to your Paradisus Dei Program Coordinator so they can send you the appropriate number of Donation Appeal Gift Cards and envelopes.

4. Receive Donation Appeal Gift Cards from Paradisus Dei to use during your Fall Appeal.

5. Ensure your Core Team, especially your MC and Small Group Facilitators, understand the appeal and are trained to answer basic questions about it.

6. Be prepared to collect Donation Appeal Gift Cards in both weeks 7 and 8.

Activation and Appreciation Phase

Donation Appeal