Delivering God’s Remarkable Good News about Sexuality.

Shepherding young women on the path of purity, sexuality, and chastity is a sacred role entrusted to parents. Mothers, especially, yearn for effective strategies and answers. The Woman in Love Mother Daughter Retreat helps you deliver God’s remarkable good news about sexuality. Katie Hartfiel leads mothers and daughters (grades 8-12) on this journey that weaves engaging talks with powerful prayer and extraordinary fun to create an experience of a lifetime.

“As daughters, we naturally look to our mothers to learn what it means to be a woman and also what it means to be beautiful. My mom assured me that she believed I could be pure, that I could be holy, and that I was beautiful.” - Shannon K.

The Retreat

The Woman in Love Mother Daughter Retreat is an overnight spiritual experience for mothers and their 8th grade through high school aged daughters. Consisting of 13 sessions overall, author Katie Hartfiel personally delivers 5 of those sessions via DVD-based video. All of the components, instructions for preparation, how to promote the retreat, and how to prepare participants are fully detailed in the Leader’s Guide. The retreat concludes with a powerful experience for both parents with their daughter(s).

“I am looking forward to ongoing talks with my daughter; not dreading them or wondering what to do or say.” – Rhonda H.

The Woman in Love Mother Daughter Retreat can be done in a variety of settings, including:



The parish setting provides many ways to offer the retreat. It could be offered through youth ministry, junior high ministry, religious education, or women’s (or men’s) groups. Include the parish school for greater impact.



The retreat could be offered as a rite of passage for 8th grade girls in junior high/middle school, for girls in high school, or in combination.



A diocese may sponsor the retreat regionally.



The Mother Daughter Retreat can also be done at home, by a group of moms who want to work together to offer the experience to their daughters.

Once you choose the method that best fits your situation, simply purchase the program materials, review the Leader’s Guide, schedule and promote the retreat, and then enjoy the journey!

Leader’s Guide

From pre-retreat planning to promotion to communication and running the retreat itself, the Leader’s Guide provides the complete detail you need to host a successful retreat experience. It includes session outlines, participant handouts and discussion questions, all in one easy to use resource.

Mother Daughter Retreat DVDs

Katie Hartfiel, author of the Mother Daughter Retreat, personally delivers the content for five of the thirteen retreat components via video.  This puts mothers and daughters in the position of being companions on the journey of discovery throughout the retreat.  Attractive packaging with clear instructions make these DVDs easy to use.

Woman in Love book

It was the night before her wedding and Katie knew that the next time she saw her husband-to-be he would be standing at the end of a long aisle. The rehearsal dinner was over and the bride and groom stole a few moments together; their last before they became one. Katie handed Mark a gift that she had been preparing for him since high school; a binder of letters to her future spouse. The pages within were eager to reveal the secrets of a love that began years before the couple had ever laid eyes on one another. Join in the story of a woman in love, and be transformed in the process. Katie will guide you as you begin to write letters to your husband-to-be (HTB) and dive into a life of prayer asking for his sanctification. Become spiritually united with your future spouse as you prepare to fall in love with him in the future. Discover the pathway to your own love story.

Mother’s Companion to Woman in Love

Do you need help talking to your daughter concerning purity issues? Would you like to better your communication with your daughter? Are you looking for ways to learn to pray with and for your daughter? Are you interested in taking a good relationship with your daughter to the next level? The Mother’s Companion to Woman In Love is your guidebook to all of the above. Written by author Katie Hartfiel as a complement to the work Woman In Love, this Mother’s Companion helps parents breach the topics of purity, vocation, openness to God’s Will, prayer, modesty and more through both prayer and conversation.