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Marriage Ministry

Integrating the latest findings from modern science with the timeless teaching of the faith and the wisdom of the saints, The Choice Wine: 7 Steps to a Superabundant Marriage places authentic marital happiness within every couple’s reach. By opening to couples the interior life of the Holy Family at Nazareth, The Choice Wine helps couples to experience a foretaste of Paradise, in their marriage and family.

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The Choice Wine Book

Follow Steve Bollman on an amazing journey as he integrates the latest findings from modern science with the wisdom of the ages and a little common sense to expand your vision of marriage.

Men’s Ministry

That Man is You! honestly addresses the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, especially those relating to their roles as husbands and fathers. The program harmonizes current social and medical science with the teachings of the Church and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive!

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Youth / Young Adult Program

Hope Undimmed stands as a light in the midst of a sometimes dark and confusing culture, providing an authentic look at the truths underlying God’s plan for human relationships. Bringing together thirty incredible speakers for
seven unforgettable sessions and one amazing experience, Hope Undimmed helps high school and college students to bridge the gap between faith and reason as it relates to the mystery of the human person, created male and female. Hope Undimmed provides surprising answers to the most difficult questions.

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Purity Retreat

Shepherding young women on the path of purity, sexuality, and chastity is a sacred role entrusted to parents. Mothers, especially, yearn for effective strategies and answers. The Woman in Love Mother Daughter Retreat helps you deliver God’s remarkable good news about sexuality. Katie Hartfiel leads mothers and daughters (grades 8-12) on this journey that weaves engaging talks with powerful prayer and extraordinary fun to create an experience of a lifetime.

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30-day Prayer Experience

“The Holy Family is the beginning of countless other holy families.” – Pope John Paul II. There is a beautiful tradition in the Church that St. Joseph lived on the Earth with Jesus and Mary for thirty years. Thirty years to adore the face of Our Lord and Savior, thirty years to contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation, and thirty years to be a true father. Joseph experienced a life that no man in history can parallel. Joseph knew Jesus and Mary intimately. Not only that, in many mysterious ways, he led them. Join St. Joseph for this 30-day journey and you will discover how to become a man after God’s own heart!