Friends and Family


Talking about faith isn’t always easy. This section offers ways to help you get the conversation started. Choose from sample emails, trifold brochures, social media posts and sample videos.

Church and Diocese


Would you like your local church or diocese to implement a Paradisus Dei ministry? This section provides brochures, sample emails, short presentations and sample videos for you to pass along.

Local Conference


Attending a local conference and willing to share information about Paradisus Dei ministries? This section explains how we can partner with you to make that happen.

Mission Outreach

If you have participated in one of our ministries and feel called to help us spread the word in an intentional way, we encourage you to consider the Mission Outreach Team. This group of passionate dedicated individuals works collaboratively with Paradisus Dei to fulfill the missionary calling in their hearts. Their efforts include systematic parish outreach, hosting information sessions, diocesan visits, covering local conferences and events, and hosting events, to name a few. Together, we are building a civilization of love.

Share Your Story

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