Surprising Answers to the Most Difficult Questions

Hope Undimmed stands as a light in the midst of a sometimes dark and confusing culture, providing an authentic look at the truths underlying God’s plan for human relationships. Bringing together thirty incredible speakers for
 seven unforgettable sessions and one amazing experience, Hope Undimmed helps high school and college students to bridge the gap between faith and reason as it relates to the mystery of the human person, created male and female. Hope Undimmed provides surprising answers to the most difficult questions.

The Program

Hope Undimmed is a seven-session series. Sessions can be done weekly or monthly. Each session lasts about 2 hours and consists of three segments:




Content Presentation


Small Group Discussion

All of the content is contained within the videos.  The format for each session includes a panel of subject matter experts being interviewed by a host on stage in front of a live college audience. The small group process allows the participants to discuss, wrestle with and decide how they feel about the information presented. This approach yields highly effective results.

Hope Undimmed is designed to engage older high school students and college-aged young adults.

It can be done at churches, schools or in the home in one of the following methods:


Gathered Community at a parish or school


Retreat style at a parish or school


Small Community at home or in a dorm

Getting started is simple! Purchase the program materials. Read the Leader’s Guide. Recruit additional leaders if needed. Then, schedule, advertise and launch the program!


Hope Undimmed Session DVDs

This boxed set of 7 DVDs contains the powerful content behind Hope Undimmed. Each session is about an hour long and comes on its own DVD in a clearly numbered case.  A beautiful storage box completes the set.

HopeUndimmed_Leaders Guide

Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide is your roadmap to running a successful Hope Undimmed program. It provides an introduction, outlines for each session, and participant pages.