Our Mission

Helping Families Discover the Superabundance of God.

During the Great Jubilee, Steve Bollman received a personal call to found a ministry dedicated to the renewal of marriage and family life. He set aside his professional career as an energy derivatives trader to found Paradisus Dei. Integrating Church teachings with the latest findings of modern science and the wisdom of the saints, Paradisus Dei produces life-changing materials that expand the mind and touch the heart.


Our Ministry

Founded in 2001, Paradisus Dei helps families discover the superabundance of God within marriage and family life.  Current programming serves couples, men, and youth in 44 states and multiple countries. Integrating the teachings of the faith with findings of modern science and the wisdom of the saints, these programs have been independently verified to be profoundly life transforming.  Our goal is to encounter people wherever they are on their spiritual journey and help take them further.  Paradisus Dei is an independent, lay Catholic ministry dedicated to marriage and family life.

Our Team

Steve Bollman

Founder and President


Mark Hartfiel

Vice President


Fr. Peter Towsley


Tom Lloyd

Tom Loyd

Vice-President of Development

Jamie Gonzales

Director | Program Coordination

Katie Maguire

Director, Missionaries to the Family

Leonard Bertolini

Director of Development

Ben Novosad

Technical Director


Isaac Manella

Program Coordinator

Anne Bass

Program Coordinator

Marisa Creixell

Missionary Coordinator


Gabrielle Brown

Administration Specialist

Connie Klenke

Accounting Specialist


Mike DiCosola

Director Mission Engagement