What if we told you that you can…


Have a deeply personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Grow in faith and holiness over time.


Help your family to do the same?

You can! It all starts with…

7 Steps to Superabundance

Honor your Wedding Vows

The first step calls spouses to joyfully embrace a fidelity worthy of a union so profound it goes beyond sexual exclusivity all the way to a willingness to offer your life for the beloved.

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Live It! Slow Down and be Present

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Use Money for Other People

The second step challenges individuals and families to see their financial resources as a tool entrusted to them for the good of others and experience the joy of using those resources for the benefit of others.

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Live it! Rejoice and Give

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Give God Some of Your Time

The third step challenges individuals and families to give ample time to God and provides a roadmap to building a rigorous, authentic prayer life. Practices like attending church weekly can actually change behaviors that lead to divorce.

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Live it! Slow Down and Pray More

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Set Your Mind on the Things Above

The fourth step challenges individuals and families to reach beyond the ordinary in search of the extraordinary. It opens the mind to the supernatural hidden just beyond the natural, to an encounter with God.

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Live it! The Spirit of Don Bosco

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Find God in Yourself

The fifth step challenges individuals and families to become ever more Eucharistically centered. It provides a pathway for the individual to extend this Eucharistic moment to a life of ongoing intimacy with Christ.

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Live It! God Dwells Within You

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Find God in Other People

Christ dwells in the people we encounter.  The sixth step challenges individuals and families to find God in and through other people in a unique way, and calls spouses especially to realize how profoundly God dwells in their marriage.

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Live It! If We Have The Eyes To See It

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Make it Easy to be Good & Hard to be Bad

The seventh step challenges individuals and couples to practice a mercy so profound that it actually envelopes the soul to help prevent it from falling. It is precisely this superabundant mercy that will lead us through the Third Millennium.

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Live It! Do This Once Every Month

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Live the Faith! Bi-Weekly Video Reflections

The Live the Faith! video series helps you live your faith!

  • An uplifting and informative inspirational reflection engages your faith.
  • Suggested prayer and devotional practices, coupled with explanations, help you go deeper.
  • The result is simple and practical ways to more fully live your faith, delivered right to your inbox!

Our Partners on the Journey

Covenant Eyes services are designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your online activitiy and sending a report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices.

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The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is a non-profit research and educational institute that promotes life-transforming Scripture study in the Catholic tradition.

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