We have completed our spiritual formation in the 7 Steps. Now it’s time to renew our vows and celebrate!


1. Collect Donation Appeal Cards during Session 9 and the Banquet. Please send in all Donation Appeal Cards within 2 weeks of the end of the program. 

2. Host a banquet with a formal blessing of all married couples, either by extending Session 9 or meeting for a “Session 10.” Coordinate details with your priest or deacon leading the blessing.

3. Inform your Program Coordinator of your end date so they can send out participant surveys to all of the individuals registered on your class page.  Please feel free to email this link to participants directly as well.

4. Encourage your couples in the last session to fill out the e-mailed participant survey and to consider becoming a Core Team couple for the following semester! Take contact information for those who express interest.

5. Review the Appreciation Phase and Donation Appeal to ensure you complete each step.

Activation and Appreciation Phase

Donation Appeal