The launch date is this week and we can’t wait to get started!


1. Work hard to input all registration cards into your The Choice Wine class database online.

2. Host a dry run with your Core Team.

3. Send an email reminder out to all your registered couples about the upcoming start date and time. Use the “Week 0” template 1 week before the launch and the “week 1” template 2 days before the launch.

4. Call those couples who you know are still on the fence and let them know they can show up for the first session without prior registration.

5. Print name badges.

6. Assign Small Groups and review the first night logistics with your Small Group Leaders. Please remind them to take attendance and follow up with any no-show couples during the week.

7. Launch The Choice Wine and praise God!

8. Review the Attraction Phase to ensure you complete every step.

Attraction Phase