On February 15, Fr. Daniel Mode CHC (CAPT), USN, filmed a TMIY talk for the upcoming TMIY Year, Apostles of the New Springtime. Fr. Mode is the author of the book, The Grunt Padre, about the life of Servant of God, Fr. Vincent Capodanno. The message fits perfectly with the new year of TMIY’s section about modern-day apostles. Fr. Mode’s message on spiritual friendships and making friends with the saints and men and women of heroic virtue is sure to resonate with the men of That Man Is You.

Following the filming, Fr. Mode took the time to meet with local TMIY veterans who were able to view the filming live from a local conference room. Fr. Mode answered questions about Fr. Capodanno and his cause for canonization and shared more about his work as a chaplain. The meeting ended on a high note with Fr. Mode granting his challenge coin to the eldest veteran in the room, Deacon Dale Steffes.

You can learn more about the cause of canonization of Fr. Capodanno by going to the Guild website – https://www.capodannoguild.org/.