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Amici di Guiseppe:

Amici di Giuseppe, “Friends of St. Joseph,” is a fellowship of men committed to growing in holiness in their lives as husbands and fathers according to the life of St. Joseph in the Holy Family at Nazareth. All members and guests are welcome to join us monthly for the live stream. Invite a friend. Click here to discover more.

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A Call to Holiness (2018 Series):

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Session 1 – A Call to Holiness

Session 2 – The Vision of Great Saints and Mystics

Session 3 – St. Bonaventure and a New Day in the Church

Session 4 – St. Louis de Montfort and a Marian Age

Session 5 – Don Bosco and the Book of Revelation

Session 6 – Pope St. John Paul II and an Epic Battle


Amici di Giuseppe:

Amici di Giuseppe, “Friends of St. Joseph,” is a fellowship of men committed to growing in holiness in their lives as husbands and fathers according to the life of St. Joseph in the Holy Family at Nazareth.  Click here to discover more.

The Door: The Power of Presence

Paradisus Dei would like to share a brand-new video project with you.  Reactions to initial viewings have been humbling:

“WOW WOW WOW! Gave me chills, moved me to tears,
and inspired me to be a better man.”

“When can we share this??”

“You need to get this video out…to everybody!”

We invite you to take a look at The Door. Feel free to share it. Send it to every good man you know and include a personal message. Post it on social media. Help empower change and transform families.

An All-New TMIY is Here!

New speakers, new topics, new approach!

TMIY – The Vision of Man Fully Alive.

It is unlike anything we have ever done before!

The new year brings together 9 dynamic speakers from a range of backgrounds to the TMIY stage to present The Vision of Man Fully Alive. Experience a change of pace and many engaging personalities within the same great format. Now is the perfect time to join or re-join TMIY!

The speakers and a summary of topics are available here for download.

Paradisus Dei Launches a New TMIY App

Paradisus Dei, the creators of the successful That Man is You! men’ program, is reaching the completion of a critical update to their digital infrastructure. This update includes a recently released online Class Management and Communications software, now with integrated streaming video capability. The new TMIY app, also fully integrated, is the last part of this critical update.

Because one of the many exciting aspects of the TMIY experience is the ability for men to view the session content, whether as a means to reinforce/continue their learning or watch missed sessions, the TMIY App has been completely re-developed from the ground-up. Video access is now simpler than ever through the TMIY app, which is provided at no cost to TMIY participants. The app runs natively on Apple or Android devices. These updates result in a much-improved and simpler user experience.

Improvements in this version include:

  • a simpler navigation interface
  • full screen video and slide viewing
  • automatic updates deliver the most current videos and slides
  • donation button makes giving easy
  • full integration with the TMIY online class management system

The last bullet above means that whenever a user updates their account in their new TMIY app, their class information will be automatically updated as well. Core Team Leaders will be able to in contact with class participants who move, change email addresses or phone numbers. The ease of video access also makes it convenient for participants to stay current with their class when they miss a session.

The new TMIY app is available for download from the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. If you already have the TMIY app, this will appear as an update in your app store.

TMIY Comes Full Circle at a Tampa Parish

“The material was stellar and truly impacted the men in very profound ways.”

I can tell you the response has been nothing but positive. We initially launched TMIY in fall of 2013, which by the grace of the Holy Spirit resulted in over 200 men attending our first meeting that first Tuesday morning at 6AM. The material was stellar and truly impacted many of the men in very profound ways. Over 3 years, the participating men not only grew in their knowledge and understanding of the Faith, but forged incredible bonds with like-minded men through the fellowship shared in small groups. Tuesday mornings become something familiar, and when the program culminated, many of the men possessed a great hunger for more.

“We desired new ways to attract and draw men closer to God…”

Out of this desire, several of the men created the Society of St. Joseph, a fellowship of men dedicated to formation in the faith, family leadership, and works of mercy with St. Joseph as our model in all these things. We desired new ways to attract and draw men closer to God through other avenues. Furthermore, there was a desire to help provide a coordinated platform to help men put their faith in to action. Drawing on many of the successful aspects of the TMIY program, we were able to provide the men with a familiar structure, while introducing them to new materials and curricula. By the grace of God, however, we were able to keep the men engaged and further challenge them to “be not only hearers, but doers of the Word.” Over the past 2 years the men of various small groups have served in over 30 works of mercy including our collaborative fund-raiser last year that generated over $25,000 for the Veterans treatment court here in Tampa.

“It was a ‘no-brainer.’”

As our committee sat down to discuss the programming for this fall, our formation chair received the information of your latest program, ” A Vision of Man Fully Alive.” It was a “no-brainer”. The material was just what we were looking for at just the right time…a ‘God-incidence’. As we read about this new program and the formation of Amici di Giuseppe, we felt a confirmation that our mission, and decision to run with this program was in alignment with the will of the Father and His foster father.

“…we have been able to engage over 500 men in our own and surrounding parishes.”

Through TMIY and subsequently SSJ for the past 2 years, we have been able to engage over 500 men in our own and surrounding parishes. Thankfully, this year’s program allowed us to provide once again a familiar structure and material that meets men truly wherever they are in their spiritual journey. The first 3 weeks have been phenomenal! Around 120 men attended our first session, with many new faces and something of a homecoming for many of the faces we hadn’t seen for a while. Thank you for providing the catalyst that continues to re-kindle the desire of the men in our program to grow closer to their Father and to be real Christian men in the world.





TMIY’s Impact on One Man’s Journey of Faith

“As soon as the program began, I was hooked.”

I had heard of other programs for Christian men and wanted to be involved in something where men could strengthen their faith together. As soon as the program began, I was hooked. Although I’m a cradle Catholic, I came to realize very soon that I knew very little about my faith.

My reaction over time was a sense of hunger to learn more, and to become more, using Tradition and Church teaching as a guide. It was clear that there was something to the saying that Steve Bollman often repeats – “Wherever you are in your spiritual life, Jesus Christ wants to meet you right there and take you further.” This is what I wanted after beginning TMIY… for Jesus to meet me where I was at, and make me in to a man for which he could be proud.

“TMIY helped me look at my role as a husband and a father.”

As a result of TMIY, I began to make some major changes in my life. TMIY helped me look at my role as a husband and a father. For instance, I had struggled with our teenage son, and the difficulties his poor choices were making for our family. My approach to addressing his difficulties was coming from a place of authority. I would raise my voice, talk down to him, and basically make him feel bad about his decisions. After discussing this problem at our small group I started to take a different approach, becoming more encouraging, and loving. Today, our relationship is very strong, and now I’m very proud of the man he’s become.

TMIY helped me to see the beauty and richness of our Catholic faith. I started to realize that maybe God had a plan for me that went beyond where I was at that time. Five years ago, I was struggling in my career and didn’t know where to turn, so I visited our parish priest. After a short time, he said something that caught me off guard, “Brian, have you ever thought about being a Deacon?” I was stunned, because, yes, I had. It was TMIY that really cemented that dream in my head. I truly believe that That Man Is You was a key driver towards my entering formation for the Permanent Diaconate. It created in me a desire to be more… to be a better husband, father, and servant to the Church. God willing, I will be ordained a Deacon serving the Archdiocese of Dubuque next July. It is so amazing and exciting to see how God has worked through TMIY in my life!

“It [TMIY] created in me a desire to be more…be a better husband, father, and servant to the Church.”

I’ve given a lot of thought to the impact of TMIY on my Diaconate journey, and have come to the conclusion that it has been a huge contributing factor. To investigate it further, I polled some of the other men in formation. The class that is two years behind ours has 4 men who were, or are, active participants in TMIY at other parishes. 4 out of 14 is not a coincidence!!! Jesus truly does want to meet us where we are and take us further. Praise be to God!


– Brian and Jennifer Zeman are parishioners of St. Anthony Parish in Dubuque, IA, where Brian is a former TMIY Core Team Member. Both are currently on the Core Team for The Choice Wine.

Grassroots – The Power of Word of Mouth!

Many years ago, the Bishop of Fargo, ND was visiting Denver. He stayed at a friend’s house who was a lay man. At some point during their visit, he saw a little black TMIY Lenten Journey booklet and inquired about it. After much discussion and discernment, this Bishop brought TMIY back to several parishes in North Dakota. 

A few years later, a Nigerian priest was assigned to a tiny parish in North Dakota. That parish happened to have TMIY and he participated with the men, joined the Core Team and loved it. Upon his return to Nigeria, we felt a strong calling to bring TMIY back to his country in a major way. 

In the words of Fr. Jerome, “I am finally…launching the program. It will be a total movement of men in my diocese! The executive committee [the Core Team] is set…”

TMIY will be present in 7 countries this fall: USA, Canada, Nigeria, Uganda, Germany (US base), Malta, England. 

You can help us spread this mission beyond your imagination. It’s amazing what the Lord can do with just a few loaves and fish…  

The Choice Wine Testimony

Out of the couples who are living the 7 steps, 100% have reported that they are either “happily married” or “very happily married”. Each one of these couples have their own stories: their own struggles and challenges, much like the spouses at your parish.

These steps in The Choice Wine reduce the probability of divorce to practically zero! If you want to give the gift of a thriving, joyful marriage to the spouses in your parish, we encourage you to find out more about bringing The Choice Wine to your parish.

Incredible Growth From A Mustard Seed

We are all familiar with the parable from Matthew’s Gospel wherein Jesus tells us “The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field.” This seed is often used as an analogy for the work we undertake with faith that God will help a good thing grow.

And indeed, here at Paradisus Dei, we have witnessed increasing faith bearing great fruit. This fall, we will reach a milestone: 100,000 men who have taken part in TMIY! Think of the population of a healthy-sized city where every single person had grown in their relationship with the Lord!

The growth of the mustard seed is not the end of the story, you know. Christ goes on to tell us “it is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” In other words, the seed does not stay the same – it becomes a tree that is a home for others.

Similarly, the many men, women, and young people who have been transformed by Paradisus Dei programs are changing the world around them. Men are becoming better leaders, resulting in healthier relationships with God, their wives, and their families. Marriages are becoming more joyful, thus strengthening the family and their wider community. Young people are finding the answer to tough questions, entering adulthood with the seeds of faith.

Paradisus Dei is not only concerned with learning about the faith—though that’s important too. It is about helping people around the country discover the superabundance of God. 100,000 is a great start, but it doesn’t begin to reflect the number of people who have been touched by loved ones who have attended our programs.

We hope and pray that 100,000 is just the beginning!

If you are ready to start your parish’s journey with one of our programs please let us know by email at

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