An Evening in Paradise

January 31, 2020
6:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. (US/Central)

St. Mary’s Seminary
9845 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77024

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Paradisus Dei is so grateful for the Corporate Sponsors for our 2020 Gala.
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Hawaii Men’s Conference

Several TMIY Core Team Leaders in Hawaii joined together to start an annual men’s conference.  On March 14, 2020, Steve Bollman and Mark Hartfiel team up with this incredible group of men for a one-day men’s conference hosted by the Hawaii Catholic Men’s Conference.


The Greatest Confrontation

  • Saturday, March 14th, 2020
  • 7am – 4pm
  • Honolulu, HI
  • All are welcome!


Meet Our New Program Coordinators

With recent growth of Paradisus Dei to more than 700 TMIY programs worldwide, the ministry welcomes two new TMIY program coordinators – Isaac Mannella and Mary Khadivi!

Isaac Mannella joined the staff of Paradisus Dei in May as a Program Coordinator. He is a graduate of Franciscan University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management. He is native to Bedford, New Hampshire and is enjoying being in Texas. In Isaac’s short time with us he was most impacted when he attended his first TMIY session at St. Cecilia’s in Houston, TX and met a man who had been attending TMIY since the very first day 15 years ago and had only missed 4 sessions.

Mary Khadivi joined the staff of Paradisus Dei in June as a Program Coordinator. She is a graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. Following graduation, Mary spent two years mentoring college students as a missionary with Saint Paul’s Outreach. She is thrilled to work now for Paradisus Dei because she really believes in the call to fortify and nurture the family unit.

Paradisus Dei Launches New Event Around St. Joseph

Taking place at the largest Church dedicated to St. Joseph in North America – St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, Canada – Paradisus Dei invites men to journey Into the Heart of St. Joseph. The two primary aspects of the event, pilgrimage and retreat, both seek insight into the question, “what do you find in the heart of St. Joseph?”

The pilgrimage offers participants many opportunities, beginning with the beauty, serenity and spirituality of St. Joseph’s Oratory itself. The Oratory continues the heritage of welcome established by its founder, Saint Brother Andre. Pilgrims may take advantage of prayer, healing and peace in the spirit of compassion. Fr. Peter Towsley, the rector for this retreat, calls St. Joseph’s Oratory his favorite pilgrimage site next to the Holy Land and Rome. Participants will also visit the Notre-Dame Basilica and Mary Queen of the Word Cathedral while in Montreal.

It is fitting for the participants to reflect on “what do you find in the heart of St. Joseph?” Not only has St. Joseph been silently behind everything in TMIY, he is also considered the Guardian of the Holy Family and Patron of our Church. His silent, steady example is a beacon of light and hope for families under attack in our modern world, and especially the men called to lead those families. What an incredible experience for men to consider St. Joseph’s example for families and the Church, both of which are in need of protection.

Out of a deep desire to help connect men to the heart of St. Joseph, and stemming from his own special devotion to this great saint, Mark Hartfiel crafted an experience worth the time and attention of TMIY men. These men clearly valued the opportunity, as it booked to capacity just a short time after its announcement. The hope is that this will become an annual event, allowing many more to participate directly in the future.

St. Joseph is the model for what it means to be a man. And the Into the Heart of St. Joseph event is just one more way Paradisus Dei is helping families discover the superabundance of God.

Pilgrimage Into the Heart of St. Joseph

I want to invite you to dive deep Into the Heart of St. Joseph this coming September. This experience promises to offer incredible insights into not only the heart of St. Joseph, but into your own spiritual journeys as well. I look forward to experiencing it with you as the event facilitator. Please note that space is limited to the first 30 men. Details follow.

Cost $299 – Includes lodging, five meals, three private tours, and metro passes. Travel to and from the retreat site not included.  For pilgrims who wish to arrive a day early, add a Thursday night stay to your registration for an extra $60.

Lodging at John XXIII Pavilion Hotel – Just steps away from the Oratory, this quaint retreat center in the heart of downtown Montreal is highly sought after by pilgrims and will make the perfect home base for this event. The entire building is ours for the weekend.


Sold Out for 2019


Yours in Christ,
Mark Hartfiel
Vice-President, Paradisus Dei



An All-New TMIY is Here!

Two new years!  New speakers, new topics, new approach!

TMIY – The Vision of Man Fully Alive and The Fight of Faith.

It is unlike anything we have ever done before!

These new years brings together 16 dynamic speakers from a range of backgrounds to the TMIY stage to present The Vision of Man Fully Alive and The Fight of Faith. Experience a change of pace and many engaging personalities within the same great format. Now is the perfect time to join or re-join TMIY!

For more information, contact us at

The Door: The Power of Presence

Paradisus Dei would like to share a brand-new video project with you.  Reactions to initial viewings have been humbling:

“WOW WOW WOW! Gave me chills, moved me to tears,
and inspired me to be a better man.”

“When can we share this??”

“You need to get this video out…to everybody!”

We invite you to take a look at The Door. Feel free to share it. Send it to every good man you know and include a personal message. Post it on social media. Help empower change and transform families.

Paradisus Dei Launches a New TMIY App

Paradisus Dei, the creators of the successful That Man is You! men’ program, is reaching the completion of a critical update to their digital infrastructure. This update includes a recently released online Class Management and Communications software, now with integrated streaming video capability. The new TMIY app, also fully integrated, is the last part of this critical update.

Because one of the many exciting aspects of the TMIY experience is the ability for men to view the session content, whether as a means to reinforce/continue their learning or watch missed sessions, the TMIY App has been completely re-developed from the ground-up. Video access is now simpler than ever through the TMIY app, which is provided at no cost to TMIY participants. The app runs natively on Apple or Android devices. These updates result in a much-improved and simpler user experience.

Improvements in this version include:

  • a simpler navigation interface
  • full screen video and slide viewing
  • automatic updates deliver the most current videos and slides
  • donation button makes giving easy
  • full integration with the TMIY online class management system

The last bullet above means that whenever a user updates their account in their new TMIY app, their class information will be automatically updated as well. Core Team Leaders will be able to in contact with class participants who move, change email addresses or phone numbers. The ease of video access also makes it convenient for participants to stay current with their class when they miss a session.

The new TMIY app is available for download from the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. If you already have the TMIY app, this will appear as an update in your app store.

TMIY Comes Full Circle at a Tampa Parish

“The material was stellar and truly impacted the men in very profound ways.”

I can tell you the response has been nothing but positive. We initially launched TMIY in fall of 2013, which by the grace of the Holy Spirit resulted in over 200 men attending our first meeting that first Tuesday morning at 6AM. The material was stellar and truly impacted many of the men in very profound ways. Over 3 years, the participating men not only grew in their knowledge and understanding of the Faith, but forged incredible bonds with like-minded men through the fellowship shared in small groups. Tuesday mornings become something familiar, and when the program culminated, many of the men possessed a great hunger for more.

“We desired new ways to attract and draw men closer to God…”

Out of this desire, several of the men created the Society of St. Joseph, a fellowship of men dedicated to formation in the faith, family leadership, and works of mercy with St. Joseph as our model in all these things. We desired new ways to attract and draw men closer to God through other avenues. Furthermore, there was a desire to help provide a coordinated platform to help men put their faith in to action. Drawing on many of the successful aspects of the TMIY program, we were able to provide the men with a familiar structure, while introducing them to new materials and curricula. By the grace of God, however, we were able to keep the men engaged and further challenge them to “be not only hearers, but doers of the Word.” Over the past 2 years the men of various small groups have served in over 30 works of mercy including our collaborative fund-raiser last year that generated over $25,000 for the Veterans treatment court here in Tampa.

“It was a ‘no-brainer.’”

As our committee sat down to discuss the programming for this fall, our formation chair received the information of your latest program, ” A Vision of Man Fully Alive.” It was a “no-brainer”. The material was just what we were looking for at just the right time…a ‘God-incidence’. As we read about this new program and the formation of Amici di Giuseppe, we felt a confirmation that our mission, and decision to run with this program was in alignment with the will of the Father and His foster father.

“…we have been able to engage over 500 men in our own and surrounding parishes.”

Through TMIY and subsequently SSJ for the past 2 years, we have been able to engage over 500 men in our own and surrounding parishes. Thankfully, this year’s program allowed us to provide once again a familiar structure and material that meets men truly wherever they are in their spiritual journey. The first 3 weeks have been phenomenal! Around 120 men attended our first session, with many new faces and something of a homecoming for many of the faces we hadn’t seen for a while. Thank you for providing the catalyst that continues to re-kindle the desire of the men in our program to grow closer to their Father and to be real Christian men in the world.





Grassroots – The Power of Word of Mouth!

Many years ago, the Bishop of Fargo, ND was visiting Denver. He stayed at a friend’s house who was a lay man. At some point during their visit, he saw a little black TMIY Lenten Journey booklet and inquired about it. After much discussion and discernment, this Bishop brought TMIY back to several parishes in North Dakota. 

A few years later, a Nigerian priest was assigned to a tiny parish in North Dakota. That parish happened to have TMIY and he participated with the men, joined the Core Team and loved it. Upon his return to Nigeria, we felt a strong calling to bring TMIY back to his country in a major way. 

In the words of Fr. Jerome, “I am finally…launching the program. It will be a total movement of men in my diocese! The executive committee [the Core Team] is set…”

TMIY will be present in 7 countries this fall: USA, Canada, Nigeria, Uganda, Germany (US base), Malta, England. 

You can help us spread this mission beyond your imagination. It’s amazing what the Lord can do with just a few loaves and fish…  

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