Paradisus Dei Launches a New TMIY App

Paradisus Dei, the creators of the successful That Man is You! men’ program, is reaching the completion of a critical update to their digital infrastructure. This update includes a recently released online Class Management and Communications software, now with integrated streaming video capability. The new TMIY app, also fully integrated, is the last part of this critical update.

Because one of the many exciting aspects of the TMIY experience is the ability for men to view the session content, whether as a means to reinforce/continue their learning or watch missed sessions, the TMIY App has been completely re-developed from the ground-up. Video access is now simpler than ever through the TMIY app, which is provided at no cost to TMIY participants. The app runs natively on Apple or Android devices. These updates result in a much-improved and simpler user experience.

Improvements in this version include:

  • a simpler navigation interface
  • full screen video and slide viewing
  • automatic updates deliver the most current videos and slides
  • donation button makes giving easy
  • full integration with the TMIY online class management system

The last bullet above means that whenever a user updates their account in their new TMIY app, their class information will be automatically updated as well. Core Team Leaders will be able to in contact with class participants who move, change email addresses or phone numbers. The ease of video access also makes it convenient for participants to stay current with their class when they miss a session.

The new TMIY app is available for download from the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. If you already have the TMIY app, this will appear as an update in your app store.

LIVE: Webinar w/ Steve Bollman

This is the recording of a live webinar on Wednesday, September 12 that included the opportunity for live questions and answers. Steve discussed:

  • The current status of the crisis.
  • The hierarchical response and turmoil.
  • The response of Paradisus Dei.
  • The options for faithful Catholics.

Many Have Expressed Interest:

During the webinar we mentioned that during moments of crisis in the Catholic Church, the Holy Spirit has always raised up men and women dedicated to holiness and that holiness was the true engine of change within the Catholic Church. We discussed our belief that the Holy Spirit is calling us to form a movement that will help lay men and women live the life of the Holy Family right in the midst of contemporary culture and become the seeds of the new springtime for the Church. If you are interested in finding out more about this potential movement, please click here and provide us with your contact information. Someone will be in contact with you in the near future.

We also discussed a new series where we would take a spiritual view of the current moment in the life of the Church – including the current crisis – based upon the vision of the great saints within the Church. This vision will help us to better understand the current crisis for ourselves and explain it to others. We will release details about this series in the near future. If you are interested in participating in this series, please click here and provide us with your contact information.

Once again, thank you for taking part in our live webinar. We look forward to hearing from you. Together we can do something beautiful for God.

The Door: The Power of Presence

Paradisus Dei would like to share a brand-new video project with you.  Reactions to initial viewings have been humbling:

“WOW WOW WOW! Gave me chills, moved me to tears,
and inspired me to be a better man.”

“When can we share this??”

“You need to get this video out…to everybody!”

We invite you to take a look at The Door. Feel free to share it. Send it to every good man you know and include a personal message. Post it on social media. Help empower change and transform families.

An All-New TMIY is Here!

New speakers, new topics, new approach!

TMIY – The Vision of Man Fully Alive.

It is unlike anything we have ever done before!

The new year brings together 9 dynamic speakers from a range of backgrounds to the TMIY stage to present The Vision of Man Fully Alive. Experience a change of pace and many engaging personalities within the same great format. Now is the perfect time to join or re-join TMIY!

The speakers and a summary of topics are available here for download.

  • Year 1 – Becoming a Man after God’s Own Heart
  • Year 2 – The Battle over the Bride
  • Year 3 – The Revelation of the Father
  • Year 4 – The Vision of Man Fully Alive

Grassroots – The Power of Word of Mouth!

Many years ago, the Bishop of Fargo, ND was visiting Denver. He stayed at a friend’s house who was a lay man. At some point during their visit, he saw a little black TMIY Lenten Journey booklet and inquired about it. After much discussion and discernment, this Bishop brought TMIY back to several parishes in North Dakota. 

A few years later, a Nigerian priest was assigned to a tiny parish in North Dakota. That parish happened to have TMIY and he participated with the men, joined the Core Team and loved it. Upon his return to Nigeria, we felt a strong calling to bring TMIY back to his country in a major way. 

In the words of Fr. Jerome, “I am finally…launching the program. It will be a total movement of men in my diocese! The executive committee [the Core Team] is set…”

TMIY will be present in 7 countries this fall: USA, Canada, Nigeria, Uganda, Germany (US base), Malta, England. 

You can help us spread this mission beyond your imagination. It’s amazing what the Lord can do with just a few loaves and fish…  

The Choice Wine Testimony

Out of the couples who have participated in The Choice Wine, 100% have reported that they are either “happily married” or “very happily married”. Each one of these couples have their own stories: their own struggles and challenges, much like the spouses at your parish.

We are humbled that The Choice Wine has helped reduce the probability of divorce among attendees to practically zero! If you want to give the gift of a thriving, joyful marriage to the spouses in your parish, we encourage you to find out more about bringing The Choice Wine to your parish.

Incredible Growth From A Mustard Seed

We are all familiar with the parable from Matthew’s Gospel wherein Jesus tells us “The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field.” This seed is often used as an analogy for the work we undertake with faith that God will help a good thing grow.

And indeed, here at Paradisus Dei, we have witnessed increasing faith bearing great fruit. This fall, we will reach a milestone: 100,000 men who have taken part in TMIY! Think of the population of a healthy-sized city where every single person had grown in their relationship with the Lord!

The growth of the mustard seed is not the end of the story, you know. Christ goes on to tell us “it is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” In other words, the seed does not stay the same – it becomes a tree that is a home for others.

Similarly, the many men, women, and young people who have been transformed by Paradisus Dei programs are changing the world around them. Men are becoming better leaders, resulting in healthier relationships with God, their wives, and their families. Marriages are becoming more joyful, thus strengthening the family and their wider community. Young people are finding the answer to tough questions, entering adulthood with the seeds of faith.

Paradisus Dei is not only concerned with learning about the faith—though that’s important too. It is about helping people around the country discover the superabundance of God. 100,000 is a great start, but it doesn’t begin to reflect the number of people who have been touched by loved ones who have attended our programs.

We hope and pray that 100,000 is just the beginning!

If you are ready to start your parish’s journey with one of our programs please let us know by email at

Paradisus Dei Ventures into New Space(s)

With a sense of profound gratitude, Paradisus Dei fully embraced the blessings and benefits of two new spaces this May – digital and physical.  Digital refers to the launch of a completely redesigned website, and physical refers to the official blessing of the brand new Paradisus Dei offices.  These new spaces greatly increase the ministry’s capacity and effectiveness.

Simplicity. Engagement. Action.

Those three words define the intended user experience at  This approach originates from Paradisus Dei’s mission: to help couples and families discover the superabundance of God.  This discovery happens through experience. The website’s design quickly funnels users to the type of experience they want to have. And past participants in Paradisus Dei programs have proven that experience ultimately leads to action!

A new platform underpins this website, bringing with it all of the latest technology.  That translates into a more enjoyable user experience, more ways for the ministry to stay in relationship with our website community and easy expansion over time.  Website users will appreciate such conveniences as videos that play on-page instead of linking to outside pages, multiple on-page options for asking questions or requesting information, easy-to-download resources and fluid site navigation. The new platform supports an interactive, step-by-step program overview, including how to get started, downloadable program samples and FAQs for each ministry and program.

All of these features come into play through four primary categories: Experience It, Live It, Share It, and Fund It.  These categories represent the options for engaging with Paradisus Dei and form the foundation for the website.

  • Experience It – provides information on how users can experience Paradisus Dei. Ministries, programs, events and other options are presented.  The Choice Wine, That Man is You!, Hope Undimmed and the Mother Daughter Retreat are explored in great detail.
  • Live It – provides information on how users can continue to live their faith. The 7 Steps are presented, along with video reinforcement and practical suggestions for how to live each step daily.  A weekly video reflection series is offered. And partnerships to help users live their faith are highlighted.
  • Share It – provides options for users to share their experience. Downloadable resources provide a starting point for sharing with Friends and Family, Church and Diocese and Local Conferences.  Users can also share their story with us, join the Mission Outreach team or hear others’ stories.
  • Fund It – provides information for users on how to financially support the mission and work of Paradisus Dei. No donation is too small, and options for monthly giving and Paradisus Dei’s giving levels are explored.  Contact information for the development team is provided for further conversation.

This new website allows Paradisus Dei to engage the online community in support of actual communities – families, churches and dioceses.  But the work doesn’t stop here.  Phase 2 of the website project – conversion and improvement to the parish implementation web tools – will launch in June with completion expected in October 2017.


Giving Elbows More Room to Work

Earlier this year, Paradisus Dei moved into new offices off of Richmond Avenue in the Westchase area of Houston.  These offices were custom designed to meet the needs of the growing ministry.  Final work was completed this spring, allowing for the official office blessing to take place earlier this month.

As an international Catholic lay ministry dedicated to helping families discover the superabundance of God, it was critical to start the time in the new space the right way.  Cardinal DiNardo graciously accepted the invitation to preside at Mass and officially bless the new space.  The significance of this event mirrors the significance of the space for the ministry.

The reason for referring to it as “the space” is due to the fact that it contains more than just offices.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Chapel – this beautiful space provides the appropriate atmosphere for the Paradisus Dei team to “give God some of their time,” throughout the day, where the Paradisus Dei family, past and present, is remembered in prayer.
  • Collaborative spaces – a large conference room, small conference room and casual meeting room provide the spaces for creative collaboration, where various teams can meet separately, but at the same time.
  • Professional workspaces – meeting the diverse needs of the growing team, these spaces include deluxe cubicles, offices and a dedicated workroom. Elbows with appropriate room to work get more done!
  • Studio – connected to the office space, having an onsite studio is an incredible blessing for the ministry. As this is being read, Steve Bollman and the team are filming a new year of TMIY, literally feet from their offices.
  • Editing Suite – connected to the studio and boasting the space needed for group viewing of content, the Editing Suite will the production process more collaborative, creative and effective as a result.
  • Storage – dedicated, onsite, but closed off storage keeps the clutter away from the other purpose-driven spaces. The staff is especially grateful not to share their knee-room with boxes, and that makes a difference!
  • Room to grow – the icing on the cake is that all of the above was done with an eye toward continued growth. Whether it be people, projects, processes or technology, the new space will serve the ministry well for years to come.

These new spaces, and the blessings and benefits that accompany them, allow Paradisus Dei to better fulfill its mission to help families discover the superabundance of God, to better serve couples and families.  You are invited to continue to be a part of this essential mission.  Contact us to learn more, or visit

New Staff and a Renewed Missionary Spirit

With springtime comes new growth, and Paradisus Dei is no exception! The ministry welcomes two new staff members: Chris Scroggin in Development and James Martinez in Program Coordination. On the program side of the ministry, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people who want to help the ministry expand. We like to think of it as a renewed missionary spirit! We gratefully embrace the new energy and opportunities both forms of growth offer.

Meet the new staff

Chris Scroggin recently joined the ministry as our first Vice President in Development. He brings a wealth of development experience, having previously served in key roles at Heroic Media, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Legionaries of Christ.

Finding the right person to lead Paradisus Dei’s Development function, with the appropriate tone, approach, and understanding of the mission, was no small task. Steve Bollman describes Chris’ fit for this important role, “Chris is a wonderful, dedicated Catholic with an incredible background in development in Catholic ministry. He will help us to tell a story that no one else can tell…help us raise the funds we need to tell our story – which will ultimately help us transform lives.

Chris is looking forward to the challenge as well. “What I am most looking forward too is building a very solid Development program for Paradisus Dei so that it can do what God is calling it to do in society today: ultimately bring men and families closer to Christ and His superabundant grace.” His passion and faith provide the foundation for taking on this crucial work, “I am passionate about this mission. I love Jesus Christ and His Church and my brothers and sisters in the Faith, and I want to see His Kingdom ultimately come in the hearts of all men and women.

James Martinez will join the ministry in May as a new Program Coordinator, one of the staff members who work directly with parishes to implement or continue Paradisus Dei programs. He is well suited for the role, given his background in recruiting and customer service, and his enthusiasm is contagious!

Paradisus Dei isn’t just a family ministry, it’s a family business! What a joy!” he said. He reinforced his excitement to be working in the Catholic arena, “I am most looking forward to communicating with and working alongside Catholic brothers and sisters in various parishes.

Those who work regularly with Program Coordinators know how important it is to have “the right person” in place. Mark Hartfiel, Vice President of Paradisus Dei, had this to say about James, “He has the heart of a servant…the local parishes are going to love working with him.” Jamie Gonzales, head of Program Coordination added, “James is going to be a great fit for our team. He has an authenticity and kindness that will be appreciated by all those he works with.” James’ passion for the faith and his desire to humbly serve caused Steve Bollman to predict, “Without question, he’s going to help set Core Teams on fire, which will help set their men on fire.

Reflecting on how impactful having the right people in place to further Paradisus Dei’s mission, Steve Bollman reflected, “Paradisus Dei continues to grow and expand. As we do, we need talented individuals in love with the Lord to help us continue our mission. Every day, I pray to the harvest master for laborers in the vineyard because the fields are indeed ripe for harvest. Chris and James are certainly gifts from the Lord to help us in our mission of a new evangelization.

Renewed Missionary Spirit

Steve’s comments flow nicely into program expansion. Growth for Paradisus Dei happens primarily through the testimony of our participants. We have been blessed to hear powerful stories of individuals who were deeply moved due to the transformation they experienced from participating in That Man is You! and The Choice Wine. Furthermore, some feel called by the Holy Spirit to spread the word to others. Just last week, one TMIY participant enthusiastically contacted us saying, “The impact of this program is beyond anything else out there. Every parish should be doing this! How do we make that happen?

The missionary spirit is building. Personal testimony was a powerful tool around the time of Christ, and it remains an equally powerful tool today. Imagine the difference it would make if the personal testimony of each of our weekly participants compelled just one other person to attend. That would double the number of people actively engaged from approximately 35,000 to 70,000. Imagine the impact that would have on our culture!

If you are feeling that same “nudge” to share your story or spread the word, please prayerfully consider doing so. If you need help with how to get started, contact us at or 281-974-3541.

As the Paradisus Dei mission video so eloquently states, we are building a civilization of love. We thank God for this work, and to do it, all of us, together.

Paradisus Dei Announces a Brand New Year of TMIY!

Steve Bollman is back in the studio preparing an entirely new year of That Man is You! This new program year will dive right to the heart of the spiritual struggles of our modern day and soar to the heights of mystical theology. This new program year promises to be a special edition to an already excellent line up of program years for the participants.
“I’m more excited than I’ve been in many years. The new year of TMIY can truly be a game changer – both for men in TMIY and the larger culture,“ said Steve Bollman. 
Here is how the new program year will look semester to semester:
Fall Semester
The fall semester will tackle head-on the issue that most separates the Church from modern society – the issue of love. Did you know that only 17% of millennials list “getting married” as one of their top three goals in life? Many alternatives in modern society successfully compete for the attention of today’s youth. This is just one of many possible examples. The good news is that the Church was founded by God, who IS love. Further, the Church has been contemplating this mystery for over 2,000 years. It is time for us to tell our story.
Only the Church has a vision so vast that it embraces the latest neurological findings, while soaring to Marriage Feast of the Lamb. It is a vision that encompasses our modern society and gives hope. Steve will look at the 7 critical moments within the Nuptial Mass to answer the question, “What is Love?”
Spring Semester
In the Spring, men will have the opportunity to personally experience it. Using the incredibly successful TMIY National Retreat as a model, the Spring semester will help men dissect their spiritual life as never before. They will learn to identify the issues that are truly keeping them from “becoming a man after God’s own heart” and receive practical advice about how to take the next step in their spiritual life. Above all, they will have the opportunity to encounter Our Lady in a very special and personal way.
Due to the order in which parishes rotate through program years, not every parish will experience this new program year in the fall.
“Each and every program year has its own unique and powerful content. This new program year is no different. I am excited for men to experience it. It will be well worth the wait for those who have to!” offered Brian Topping, Director of Marketing.
Paradisus Dei’s program coordination team will be in touch with all TMIY Core Team Leaders about their upcoming program year beginning this fall. For more information about TMIY, please visit the website or email
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