The TMIY Spring Appeal is now in full swing, and our goal is $1.1 million.


Premium Gift Program

As part of our Lift the Spire! campaign, we will be providing special gifts to individuals who contribute at two different levels to any of our programs including TMIY Appeals. Learn more about Lift the Spire and our Premium Gift Program.


TMIY Group Challenge Gifts

In Session 21, our VP of Development, Len Bertolini, speaks about the idea of men stepping forward to offer challenge gifts to their TMIY groups for the Spring Appeal. This idea stems from a generous gentleman in California who promised to contribute $10,000 if the rest of his group contributed $10,000 to last fall’s appeal. It brought excitement and enthusiasm to their appeal’s fund drive and the group met the challenge! We understand that not every group has a person who is able to make a $10,000 challenge gift. Your group’s challenge can be at whatever level makes sense for a willing donor and his TMIY group.

If you would like to issue a challenge to your group, you can bring the idea forward to your core team leader. If you wish to issue a challenge but want to remain anonymous, please contact Len at [email protected] and he will be happy to assist in moving your group’s challenge forward while keeping your identity anonymous.

Let’s see how many challenges we can get going for the Spring Appeal!