Hope Undimmed

The developer of one of America’s most successful men’s programs teams together with one of America’s most dynamic Catholic universities to challenge students to reach the depth to encounter God.

By bringing together thirty incredible speakers for
seven unforgettable sessions and one amazing experience, Hope Undimmed helps students to bridge the gap between faith and reason as it relates to the mystery of the human person, created male and female.

From porn stars to popular heroes and from leading world authorities to religious monks in sandals, Hope Undimmed provides surprising answers to the most difficult questions.

Filmed live at The University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX.  Made for college and high school students everywhere.

The Hope Undimmed DVD series will be available for purchase in September of 2015.  


 The Hope for Tomorrow, The Challenge of Today

College is called to be a time when the promise of youth blossoms forth into adulthood and the hopes for the future are entrusted to a new generation. New pathways open before students as they are challenged to think in new ways and dream of a better tomorrow. Many students will form friendships and build a foundation that guides their trajectory through life.

Others will encounter an environment and culture that fundamentally alter their faith and morals. Studies indicate that approximately 40% of Catholic students will become less active in their faith during their college career and approximately 10% will abandon the faith altogether. Further, studies indicate that approximately 80% of college students will engage in “recreational” sexual activity with a relative stranger. As a consequence,
 one study indicated that 43% of female students were infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV).