The Hinge of the Hail Mary

Take your prayer life to new heights. Tap into the treasury of graces in heaven. Provide spiritual protection over your family, the Church and the world.

The Hinge of the Hail Mary: The Art of Praying the Rosary, a brand-new release by Mark Hartfiel, helps make an old prayer new. Inspired by the writings of Pope St. John Paul II, Hartfiel offers a profound spiritual framework for praying the Rosary.

“A prayer so easy and yet so rich truly deserves to be rediscovered. May this appeal of mine not go unheard!” – Pope St. John Paul II

Rediscover the Rosary and learn how to:

  • Weaponize it with intentionality.
  • Amplify your prayer with focused contemplation.

The Hinge of the Hail Mary is the perfect gift for yourself, family, friends, pastor, deacon or small group. It is especially timely for a world and Church so desperately in need of our prayers.  Click this link to get your copy today. For bulk order discount opportunities (10 or more), please inquire at [email protected].