Paradisus Dei Announces a Brand New Year of TMIY!

Steve Bollman is back in the studio preparing an entirely new year of That Man is You! This new program year will dive right to the heart of the spiritual struggles of our modern day and soar to the heights of mystical theology. This new program year promises to be a special edition to an already excellent line up of program years for the participants.
“I’m more excited than I’ve been in many years. The new year of TMIY can truly be a game changer – both for men in TMIY and the larger culture,“ said Steve Bollman. 
Here is how the new program year will look semester to semester:
Fall Semester
The fall semester will tackle head-on the issue that most separates the Church from modern society – the issue of love. Did you know that only 17% of millennials list “getting married” as one of their top three goals in life? Many alternatives in modern society successfully compete for the attention of today’s youth. This is just one of many possible examples. The good news is that the Church was founded by God, who IS love. Further, the Church has been contemplating this mystery for over 2,000 years. It is time for us to tell our story.
Only the Church has a vision so vast that it embraces the latest neurological findings, while soaring to Marriage Feast of the Lamb. It is a vision that encompasses our modern society and gives hope. Steve will look at the 7 critical moments within the Nuptial Mass to answer the question, “What is Love?”
Spring Semester
In the Spring, men will have the opportunity to personally experience it. Using the incredibly successful TMIY National Retreat as a model, the Spring semester will help men dissect their spiritual life as never before. They will learn to identify the issues that are truly keeping them from “becoming a man after God’s own heart” and receive practical advice about how to take the next step in their spiritual life. Above all, they will have the opportunity to encounter Our Lady in a very special and personal way.
Due to the order in which parishes rotate through program years, not every parish will experience this new program year in the fall.
“Each and every program year has its own unique and powerful content. This new program year is no different. I am excited for men to experience it. It will be well worth the wait for those who have to!” offered Brian Topping, Director of Marketing.
Paradisus Dei’s program coordination team will be in touch with all TMIY Core Team Leaders about their upcoming program year beginning this fall. For more information about TMIY, please visit the website or email [email protected].