What does it mean to be a man? That is the essential question for every man.

TMIY Retreat: Manhood will take you on a four-part journey in pursuit of the answer to that very question. This journey will hearken to the beginnings of man, find its fulfillment in Christ, and its continuation through the Church into modern times. This experience is divided into four segments, organized around each of the videos below. The following schedules are offered as guide.

6:45 am Welcome/Introduction
7:00 am Session 1: To Be a Man
7:30 am Small Group
8:00 am Session 2: The First Man
8:30 am Small Group
9:00 am Break
9:15 am Session 3: To Be Rich in Mercy
9:45 am Small Group
10:15 am Session 4: A Light in the Darkness
10:45 am Small Group
11:15 am Concluding Remarks/TMIY sign up
11:30 am Adjournment
The four sessions of the retreat can also be used as a mini-course, with one session each week.
Week 1 Session 1: To Be a Man
Small Group
Week 2 Session 2: The First Man
Small Group
Week 3 Session 3: To Be Rich in Mercy
Small Group
Week 4 Session 4: A Light in the Darkness
Small Group
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Video Sessions

Session 1: To Be A Man

Christ was proclaimed “the man” at precisely the moment that he offered his life for his bride. We must carefully consider this moment. It will teach us much about the heart of a man. The Church is purified in the water flowing from Christ’s wounded heart. It is a heart that has a consuming thirst for an encounter with God the Father. This is the light shining on manhood for all men including the first man. To be a man means embracing the sacrifice asked by God the Father for the sake of the bride. When we do so, our heart becomes a channel for grace that purifies and gives life to the bride. Living this calling has been a challenge “from the beginning.”

Session 2: The First Man

In Session 1, we saw that Jesus Christ was declared “the man” precisely in the moment that he offered himself for the bride. In that moment, he became the “prodigal Adam.” We must carefully consider the mystery of Adam. It will reveal much about our own hearts. We are called to battle Satan over the bride. The battle occurs within our own heart. This will be a sacrifice we are called to make.

Session 3: To Be Rich In Mercy

In Session 2, we saw that God developed in Adam’s heart a desire to be “like God.” Adam separated his heart from God and all creation fell. Jesus Christ became the “prodigal Adam” to restore what was lost be Adam. But we must go much further! We must discover the primacy of mercy. Mercy is ESSENTIAL to the heart of a father. You were created to be a source of life. Life goes forth from you. You were also created to be rich in mercy. When we practice mercy, it transforms us AND the other person … then why is practicing mercy so hard? Once again, we will see that the battle to “be a man” is waged within your own mind and heart! Fortunately, God is on your side.

Session 4: A Light In The Darkness

We have seen that we were created to be “like God.” We were created to become a manifestation of God the Father … who is “rich in mercy” (Ephesians 2:4). Men have struggled to live their noble calling “from the beginning.” We are struggling to live it now. A certain darkness has once more descended upon the world. Two thousand years ago, the light of Christ came to abide in Nazareth. We must take a moment to carefully consider Nazareth. We must consider the life of St. Joseph at Nazareth. The pathway to fulfilling the vision of the man were created to be is simple … it’s just not easy! Therefore, you need to travel the journey with other men. It has been amazing what TMIY men have accomplished together!