“I’m a good guy! Aren’t I?”

The TMIY Retreat: Leadership offers a solution to the male leadership crisis in our time. It helps each man examine his own basis for leadership and understand what God is calling him to be. And, it connects men to the great joy that comes from walking a path in union with God.

This experience is divided into four segments, organized around each of the videos below. The following schedules are offered as guide.

6:45 am Welcome/Introduction
7:00 am Session 1: The Issue of Leadership
7:30 am Small Group
8:00 am Session 2: The Price of Failed Leadership
8:30 am Small Group
9:00 am Break
9:15 am Session 3: Authentic Male Leadership
9:45 am Small Group
10:15 am Session 4: A Man After God’s Own Heart
10:45 am Small Group
11:15 am Concluding Remarks/TMIY sign up
11:30 am Adjournment
The four sessions of the retreat can also be used as a mini-course, with one session each week.
Week 1 Session 1: The Issue of Leadership
Small Group
Week 2 Session 2: The Price of Failed Leadership
Small Group
Week 3 Session 3: Authentic Male Leadership
Small Group
Week 4 Session 4: A Man After God’s Own Heart
Small Group
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Video Sessions

Session 1: The Issue of Leadership

“I’m a good guy! Aren’t I??” Men today are at an impasse when it comes to authentic male leadership. It simply does not exist unless lived in union with Jesus Christ. But God calls each one of us back to Him, and there is great joy in our Father’s house! That Man is You! is about a personal encounter with Jesus Christ so that Jesus Christ can transform your life. To do that, TMIY helps build a vision of what authentic male leadership looks like, a leadership that is lived in union with God.

Session 2: The Price of Failed Leadership

Session 1 introduced one image of male leadership in our society today. What would happen if the majority of men were a 2.5 out of 10 on the Ten Commandments? This session turns to the famous story of King David.  If men have fallen like King David, should they not find the same four consequences foretold to King David? 

● Disharmony in the Family 
● The Children Will Suffer 
● Conflict in Society 
● The Worship of God Will Suffer

Sound familiar? Modern culture is suffering from each of the consequences foretold by the prophet Nathan. Perhaps the least well understood is the crisis in male leadership … and the failure to recognize its consequences.

Session 3: Authentic Male Leadership

Session 2 revealed that men in modern society have fallen in a manner similar to King David and are suffering the same consequences. Understanding why requires going back “to the beginning.” Men have been entrusted with four leadership roles. They flow from the original blessing to humanity. To fulfill these four leadership roles, men must develop within themselves the five characteristics of an authentic leader. There is incredible beauty and depth behind these leadership roles and characteristics. There are heroic stories of men who have fulfilled them and tragic stories of those who haven’t.

Session 4: A Man After God’s Own Heart

Session 3 introduced the four leadership roles that have been entrusted to men and the five leadership characteristics necessary to fulfill these roles. Most men struggle to live authentic leadership. The story of King David gives hope. King David became “a man after God’s own heart” not because he was innocent of sin, but because having sin, he encountered the Father, rich in mercy, and allowed him to expand his heart to all that it was created to be. The 7 Steps of TMIY provide a spiritual pathway with incredible depth and beauty. They are a path to becoming “a man after God’s own heart.”