Name: Jose Gomez

Parish: Saints Simon and Jude, The Woodlands, TX

Role: TMIY Participant Year 5


“TMIY speaks to my heart.”

“I had just moved to Houston and was searching for a community. This young man got up after Mass and invited men to join TMIY. I felt I could relate to him. Getting up early on a Friday seemed difficult, but I was interested in the challenge.”

“Coming from Boston in the doctorate program for engineering, I was constantly in an atheist environment hearing a lot of stuff against religion and God. Joining TMIY and hearing the other side of the story has been important to me. I really like the focus on making better men and leaders for families. TMIY is a place where I feel validated in my values and in what is true as taught by Jesus Christ.”


“I have seen the program change peoples’ lives.”


When he first joined TMIY, Jose knew few people in his community and was single. Today, he is married and has a one-year-old daughter named Cecilia. “I was blessed to find TMIY before having my family…It has affected my family.”  He mentioned that most of the TMIY men in his group wish they had found TMIY earlier in life. He encourages men, “It is never too late to do something for your family.”