“We discovered a new appreciation for our faith, our vocations as husband, wife, father, and mother, and the importance of nurturing our spirit through prayer.”


“We accepted the invitation to join Missionaries to the Family with the hope of impacting our community but had no idea how profound a difference it would make on our own life. One of the most prominent graces we’ve received during formation is based on the prayer we learned from Dr. Pagliarini.


Our daily life is very busy with balancing our family needs and careers, but now we have a perspective of offering our “works” as a form of prayer and a way to expand our prayer life. One of our key family values is now “joyful service”.


We’re seeing people walk toward Christ in their own ways – incorporating the liturgical year into their home life. We’ve got couples that want to engage and host their own feast day celebrations – and it’s reinforcing our mission. We are thankful for this whole program and everyone who is a part of it.”


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