Missionaries to the Family Program Coordinator
Location: Houston, TX or Remote
Type: Full-time, Salary

Who We Are:

We are apostles of the new evangelization who believe that the best days of the Church lie in the future, not in the past. We are a family ministry inspired by the vision of Pope St. John Paul II and seek to build a new springtime for Christianity based upon the foundation of the Christian family.

What We Do:

We change lives. We provide inspiration, formation, and a pathway that leads to conversion and spiritual growth which overflows into our families, our churches, our communities, and greater society. We put forth the Holy Family at Nazareth as a model for all families as they teach us that even in the midst of this fallen world, one can find holiness, superabundant joy, and union with God in their home.

How We Do It:

We expand the mind and touch the heart by creating rich Catholic content. Through our parish-based programs, retreats, formation series, and home studies we help families encounter God within their homes. We walk with parishes and dioceses to implement our programs that help build community via small groups. By integrating current science with the timeless teaching of the faith and the wisdom of the saints, we develop a vision that soars above the debates of our day to glimpse the hidden face of God present in our midst.

About The Work:

We serve the servants.  At Paradisus Dei, our entire team works diligently to help individuals, small groups, parishes, and volunteers start and run life-transforming programs. Missionaries to the Family is a central mission of our ministry, aimed at revitalizing the domestic church. Couples are invited to apply to join a one-year formation class that includes weekly online coursework and three in-person retreats. Once commissioned as Missionaries, these couples are sent into the mission field of their parish and community to inspire other families to learn the art of Catholic family life.

Your role in this mission work is to:

  1. Be the main point of contact for Missionary Couples in formation.
  2. Provide weekly communication to Missionary Couples in formation.
  3. Assist with inviting new couples into the program.
  4. Assist with planning and facilitating retreats.
  5. Manage surveys and feedback from Missionary Couples.
  6. Be a valuable contributor to the Missionaries to the Family team.

The job is based in Houston, Texas, but we are willing to consider remote employment for the right person. This role reports to the Director of Mission Engagement. Employees work Monday-Friday with a typical workday of 8 hours. Some travel is required.

About You:

Working in ministry is a personal calling. Therefore, it is appropriate to spend time in prayer and discernment to see if God is calling you to work in this vineyard. Team members must embrace all the teachings of the Church and have a zeal for their Catholic faith and the opportunity to use their gifts and talents on behalf of the Lord. Because we strive to bring about conversion and spiritual growth for those to whom we minister, it is fitting that employees at Paradisus Dei also desire to grow in personal holiness.

As Missionaries to the Family Program Coordinator, you must be able to work independently and as a part of the team. The ideal candidate has:

  • Experience in communication via email and posting to social media and apps.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong time management, planning, and organization skills.
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • An ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

How We Work:

We aim to always practice what we preach as a ministry. There is nothing more detrimental to God’s work in ministry than the ‘spirit of the world’ entering into our team. Therefore, we aim to make the Christian virtues found in the beatitudes the foundation of our office culture.

Therefore, as an office, we strive to:

  • Find more joy in the fulfillment of the mission of Paradisus Dei and the success of other people than in our own accomplishments.
  • Help others discover and fulfill their call to contribute to the new evangelization according to the talents God has given them.
  • Always be open to constructive criticism offered in a spirit of charity.
  • Work diligently to become more effective laborers in the vineyard.
  • Offer the everyday difficulties of our jobs in a spirit of service to help facilitate someone’s encounter with Christ.
  • Proactively help others without needing to be asked.
  • Be willing to inconvenience ourselves to help make someone else’s life better.
  • Speak about things that are true, good, and beautiful.

Benefits And Compensation:

Paradisus Dei seeks to bring superabundance to family life. Therefore, we must first practice what we preach with all of our employees. Benefits at Paradisus Dei seek to help you live a healthy, holy, and happy life both in and outside of work.

Employees start with 10 vacation days. There are 10 holidays and/or holy days we also take off and we gift everyone off the Octave of Christmas, the eight days beginning with Christmas Day and ending on New Year’s Day, January 1. In addition to all of this, we highly encourage and advocate taking silent days of prayer, reflection, and restoration at least once per quarter. We do not work on Sundays and rarely on Saturdays, except for occasional retreats or events.

For group insurance, we offer a wage-up strategy. This includes a monthly stipend in addition to your salary to help offset the cost of healthcare. We provide a service that allows you to work one-on-one with healthcare professionals to pick the right healthcare plan for you and your family. You will have a large variety of insurance options within these offerings and get to choose your level of coverage or choose a Christian health-sharing plan.

We provide competitive compensation. However, nobody on our team will ever get rich in ministry but we hope to provide a fair wage that allows you and your family to live a modest and dignified lifestyle.

Spiritual Perks:

We highly encourage daily Mass and for those who are daily communicants, that hour can be counted as a work hour. On many occasions, we celebrate Mass within our office chapel.

We embrace “ora et labora” – pray and work. We work hard. We pray hard. All of our work depends upon our prayer because in ministry, only God transforms hearts and only God can bring about supernatural fruitfulness. Our daily rhythm includes prayer four times throughout the day. When the bells chime in the office we congregate to the chapel for 1) Morning Consecration 2) The Angelus at Noon 3) The Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3 pm and 4) The Magnificat of Mary towards the end of the workday. We bring the intentions of the ministry and all the participants and benefactors into our prayer.