Twenty-four men journeyed to Montreal on May 19th on pilgrimage and retreat to St. Joseph’s Oratory. What they found was much more than the world’s largest shrine dedicated to St. Joseph.


“We arrived as strangers, we became friends, we left as family” – Joseph G.


“I went on this pilgrimage because I needed the entire Holy Family of Nazareth’s help in fulfilling my role as husband and father. And although I didn’t know how a “journey” would bring me closer to Christ — particularly through Saints like St. Joseph and St. André — I was rewarded with the simple miracles we take for granted: that God appears to us disguised as our lives… through simple acts of praying in fellowship with other men seeking or contemplating the lives of common people that we now revere as saints. I learned that journeying “Into the Heart of Saint Joseph” was nothing more than living out — if even just for a weekend — the simple traits of all the Saints: obedience, quiet love, and humility.” – Ted M.


“Each time I look at the photos or reflect on the encounters with these men, I can’t help but feel grateful and thankful for this blessed experience. It has made an indelible mark in my memory.”


“Twenty-four men of faith immersed themselves in the life of Brother André to understand the will of St. Joseph, ultimately to bring honor and glory to the Holy Family of Nazareth – the foundation of the domestic church. This mountain top experience filled our spiritual tanks and enabled us to stand shoulder to shoulder wearing the breastplate of righteousness, to defend the faith, and be fishers of men!  Ite Ad Joseph. Praise Him!” – Gerald V.