How to do Hope Undimmed as a Virtual Group

Welcome to Hope Undimmed! Hope Undimmed stands as a light in the midst of a sometimes dark and confusing culture, providing an authentic look at the truths underlying God’s plan for human relationships. Bringing together thirty incredible speakers for seven unforgettable sessions and one amazing experience, Hope Undimmed helps bridge the gap between faith and reason as it relates to the mystery of the human person, created male and female. Hope Undimmed provides surprising answers to the most difficult questions. Learn more:

Now Hope Undimmed can be done digitally. This process allows individuals to experience Hope Undimmed, connecting with and experiencing the support and fellowship of others during this time of social distancing. Just follow these 3 steps:


Identify and invite other people to participate. Create a schedule of meeting dates and times all agree on.


Schedule virtual small group meetings in Zoom. Zoom provides a free account option that allows for meetings of up to 40 minutes each. Recurring meetings only need to be set up one time. Once set, copy the meeting link for quick reference. Each week, a few days before your meeting, email or text the links to the Hope Undimmed session for that week (below) and the Zoom meeting to the people in your group.


Individuals watch Hope Undimmed session on their own, then join the Zoom meeting to discuss with other couples.

Hope Undimmed Session Links

The following links will allow for viewing Hope Undimmed sessions in Vimeo. Simply click and view, no log-in or subscription required.


  • Session 1
Is Pornography Naked and Unashamed?
  • Session 2
Can a Woman Have Sex Like a Man?
  • Session 3
The Human Person – Beyond the Limits of Science
  • Session 4
Why Can’t a Woman be More Like a Man?
  • Session 5
Boy Meets Girl – Agony or Ecstasy?
  • Session 6
Where is Our World Heading?
  • Session 7
What Brings Happiness?

It’s that simple! Contact us if you experience difficulty.