Missionaries to the Family Virtual Information Sessions

Do you desire to share the joy you’ve found in married life with
others? Do you want to study your faith as a couple and serve your
parish? Can you make a 2 hour per week commitment? Discover this
amazing invitation to discern, prepare, and accompany families in your
parish and community.

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February 27, 2024 5 PST / 8 EST Register HERE
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Learn more about Missionaries to the Family: https://paradisusdei.org/missionaries-to-the-family/

Holy Family Legacy Society

Paradisus Dei established the Holy Family Legacy Society in 2023 to encourage our program participants to leave a legacy of their Catholic faith by including a gift to Paradisus Dei in their wills or estate plans. The growth of membership in this society has been rapid and is exceeding our initial expectations – we are deeply grateful!

If you have included a gift to Paradisus Dei in your will or estate plan, please let us know, mostly so that we can say thank you. We would also be pleased to welcome you as a member of the Holy Family Legacy Society.

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If you have questions or would like to have a conversation about planned giving, please contact:

Vice President of Development
Len Bertolini | [email protected]

Senior Development Officers

Tom Lloyd | [email protected]
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TMIY Fall Appeal Results

We are proud and feel extraordinarily blessed to announce that the That Man Is You! 2023 Fall Appeal was the best in the TMIY program’s almost 20-year history and marked our fifth consecutive record TMIY appeal. The goal of the 2023 Fall Appeal was $1,400,000 and the total amount contributed concluded at $1,463,230. Once again, a HUGE thank you to so many of our TMIY men and their spouses for your very generous support of the 2023 TMIY Fall Appeal.

Through your partnership, you are enabling us to widen our reach and impact more lives than ever with the TMIY program. Praise Him!

St. John Bosco | Memorial January 31 | Patron of Paradisus Dei

St. John Bosco and the Path of Joy
– Taken from the writings of Steve Bollman

John Bosco was born in a small farming village outside Turin, Italy in 1815. Turin is one of the
industrial cities in Italy, home to Fiat and other manufacturing companies. This forms part of
the backdrop to Don Bosco’s story. As Turin was rapidly industrializing, families would send
their young children to Turin to look for work. Without family or a support network, these boys
were often exploited by owners of businesses and easy prey for the devil. At nine years old
John was given a mission in a dream to save these wayward souls. It would become his life’s

He grew up to become a priest and founded the second largest religious order in the Church
(the Salesians of Don Bosco) with the mission to care for poor boys. Don Bosco provided a
family to these boys by the founding of the Festive Oratory. He was fond of saying, “Let the
boys have full liberty to jump, run and make as much noise as they please… ‘Do anything you
like, as long as you do not sin.’” Don Bosco exhausted himself bringing authentic joy to his boys.
His ability to provide joy and holiness in the home is foundational to the mission of Paradisus

Don Bosco was given the grace to understand the times in which he lived as well as the spiritual
state of his boys. This knowledge was used to help guide thousands of boys to heaven. We
should pray for the grace to understand the spiritual lives of our children and spouses and how
we can help them go to heaven – especially during these difficult days.

Let's celebrate the Feast of Don Bosco by trying to bring great joy into our families. One
suggestion – Turin is also home to one of the oldest chocolate factories in Europe. So enjoy!

Learn more about Don Bosco’s amazing life by reading “Give Me Souls.”

We Did It! 2023 TMIY Fall Appeal Goal is Met!

We Did It! THANK YOU Men of TMIY!

It is with abundant gratitude and tremendous enthusiasm that we share the result of the TMIY Fall Appeal. Your generosity enabled us to achieve our fifth consecutive record TMIY Appeal. We could not be more grateful for your continued investment in and partnership with Paradisus Dei. While the final numbers are not official, we have exceeded the $1.4 million goal that was set for the TMIY Fall 2023 Appeal!

You may be asking, what is the impact of reaching this milestone? What does this mean for TMIY? It means we will have more adequate staffing to add parishes, better serve our existing TMIY parishes, and reach more men than ever with the TMIY program. It means we’ll have the resources to continue bringing you rich, high-quality Catholic content 26 weeks per year. It means we can enhance the TMIY app, redesign our website, and further build out our technology platform to provide our TMIY men with a better overall experience. Most importantly, it means stronger men, stronger families, and a stronger Church. Together, we are doing something beautiful for God!

Thank you again for continuing to increase your support of Paradisus Dei and the TMIY program each year. With every gift we receive, we feel deeply blessed and ever-more committed to bringing you outstanding programming year after year. Let’s make 2024 our best yet!

New! Missionaries to the Family Half-day Retreats

The Art of Catholic Family Life: Building a Holy Home

Our new half-day retreats take married and engaged couples into the mystery of Nazareth. Encounter practical ways to transform your house into a holy home, sacred ground, a place to profoundly encounter God, a place of joyful service and loving sacrifice, a refuge and respite in the chaos of the world.

Check out the start of our 2024 schedule and register for a retreat near you!
More locations are still being added!
January 27 | Baton Rouge, LA Register
February 17 | Media, PA Register
February 24 | Glen Ellyn, IL Register
March 2 | Stratford, CT Register

Want to host a retreat at your parish? Contact us at:[email protected]

Step 7: Practice Superabundant Mercy

Step Seven – Practice Superabundant Mercy

St. John Bosco and St. Therese of Lisieux are the two patron saints of Paradisus Dei. Both point out to us practical ways to practice superabundant mercy in our homes.

St. Therese’s confessor said that she never committed a grave sin her whole life. St. Therese said she would have fallen more than the worst sinner if God had not gone out before her clearing the obstacles from her path. This gives an idea of Superabundant Mercy. It is a mercy that preceeds the souls to prevent it from sinning in the first place.

Don Bosco also understood this idea well. He created his Festive Oratories with a spirit of loving kindness, a place where it was easy to be good and difficult to be bad. Instead of using punishment to correct the children when they did wrong, he wanted to go before them in love such that they would not want to do wrong in the first place.

Apply this to your own life and consider one or more of the following ideas:
Make your home a place of celebration and joy: Intentionally bring joy into your home. Celebrate the feast days of the Saints. Let each member of your family choose a Saint as their own special celebration day.
Declare a “Day of Jubilee”: Dr. Scott Hahn talks about allowing his kids a special day where they can admit to anything they have done wrong and receive forgiveness from him without suffering any punishment. Try it!
Purchase a family book about the life of St. John Bosco and read it as a family. Plan a special celebration with your family on his feast day, January 31st.

Watch the Joyful Mysteries this Advent!

The Joyful Mysteries series is the perfect way to journey through Advent and into the Christmas season as a family, and is appropriate for all ages.

Begin on the First Sunday of Advent, and conclude on The Epiphany.

Download the printable Joyful Mysteries Advent & Christmas Planner here: https://paradisusdei.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Joyful-Mysteries-Advent-Christmas-Planner.pdf

Then login to watch the series for FREE. https://programs.paradisusdei.org/program/15?season=38&utm_source=brevo&utm_campaign=December%202023%20Newsletter&utm_medium=email

Episode 1 of The Joyful Mysteries is NOW AVAILABLE!

We are excited to announce the release of Episode 1 for the The Joyful Mysteries! The second series for Mysteries of the Rosary. The full season, with all seven episodes with be released on October 7, The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. You can start planning now to host a small group in your home or a large group at your parish. You can even sign in to watch on your own. Group guides and promotional materials are available.

Click HERE to watch Episode 1| The Fullness of Joy

Click HERE to visit therosaryseries.com to learn more and view images of the Holy Land

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