A Light to the Nations

A Light to the Nations considers man in his relationship to his spouse.   Heavily influenced by the thought of Pope John Paul II, A Light to the Nations takes men on a provocative journey into the spiritual reality of our time: “The family has been placed at the heart of the great struggle between good and evil, between life and death and between love and all that is opposed to love” (Pope John Paul II, Letter to Families, #23).  It is modeled on the story of Job from the Old Testament.

The Fall semester sets forth the vision of the union of man and woman such that “there is none like it in all the earth.”  Integrating the findings of modern medical science with the thought of Pope John Paul II, A Light to the Nations discovers in the spousal union a unique reflection of the mystery of the Blessed Trinity that is much deeper than more poetic words.  It does not shy from considering the challenges facing marriage and discovers a “culture of death” dangerously close to the edge.

The Spring semester enters into the contemplative mystery of the family.  If follows the mystery of the family from the Garden of Eden to Jewish culture to the Passion of Christ to Europe of the Middle Ages to the United States of today.  It discovers a hope that will not die and a very specific role for the men of the United States.  The content of the Spring semester is so compelling that it sends men on mission and on pilgrimage.  A pilgrimage visiting many of the sacred locations covered in the Spring semester is organized in the summer for those who are able to attend. 

A Light to the Nations concludes by helping men develop a spiritual plan of life for their families based upon the Seven Steps to a Healthy, Happy, Holy Family.

Step 1: Honor your Wedding Vows

Step 2: Use Money for the Benefit of Others

Step 3: Give God some of your Time

Step 4: Set your Mind on the Things Above

Step 5: Find God in Yourself

Step 6: Find God in Other People

Step 7: Make it Easy to be Good and Hard to be Bad