The Spirit of Nazareth

Just in time for the Jubilee Year of Mercy announced by Pope Francis this spring, this program will help integrate the 7 Covenants of TMIY into practical implementations for issues men face in today's world and culture.  In short, this year will be dedicated to "walking the talk" and providing the men the opportunity and framework to build out their very own spiritual plan of life.

In particular, this new year is designed for those wishing to take the next step and to learn how to discern the will of God in their lives.  Steve breaks it down into concrete steps, doable actions, which men can adopt to make progress in their spiritual lives.  "Spiritual formation" is deeper than just learning and more profound than just training.  It allows the participants to understand more fully the life to which God is calling them and to kindle the desire for that life.  It prepares one's heart for transformation by practicing new skills in the spiritual life and understanding deeply the reasons that those practices were established in our faith.

Message from Steve Bollman