Starting TMIY

Bringing That Man is You! to the men of your parish or starting a program from your home involves seven simple steps:

1. Contact Paradisus Dei and That Man is You!: A professional TMIY Program Coordinator will be assigned to guide you through the entire process to ensure the launch of a successful program.

2. Obtain Pastor Approval: Make sure that approval of the Pastor and any appropriate parish staff has been received.

3. Form a Core Team: Responsibility for the That Man is You! program is entrusted to a Core Team of 6-10 individuals.  Ideally, the Core Team should include a member of the clergy (priest or deacon) and leading men of the community capable of personally bringing several men to the program.  The TMIY Program Coordinator will help you understand the roles and responsibilities of every member of the Core Team.

4. Complete the Core Team Training: Once Pastor approval has been received, The Host Parish Packet will be mailed to the Core Team Leader. It includes a Training DVD containing a step-by-step checklist to ensure the successful startup of your individual program.  The TMIY Core Team Manual contains answer to frequently asked questions as well as a section on Best Practices and Derailers.

5. Order TMIY Program Materials: TMIY Promotional Materials (including Trifold Brochure, Bulletin Inserts, Posters, Outdoor Banner and Registration Cards) should be placed during the last two weeks of July.

6. Run TMIY Promotional Program: The promotional campaign should be launched in the middle of August and includes the three Sundays immediately preceding the launch of the program.  It includes a variety of materials aimed at reaching as many men from as many angles as possible.

7. Launch That Man is You!: After a full dry run, That Man is You! should be launched.

Facility Requirements

Given the structure and potential size of That Man is You! programs, it is essential to ensure that adequate facility and audiovisual requirements are met:    

  • Facilities: Adequate space and seating must be allowed for the three elements of TMIY – meal, DVD presentation and small group discussion.  Although the meal is frequently eaten in the same location as the DVD presentation, adequate space must be allowed for serving.  The area designated for small group discussions should respect the confidentially of all conversations.
  • Audiovisual Equipment: That Man is You! requires three essential pieces of audiovisual equipment – a computer or DVD player to play the presentation DVD, a projection system and an audio system.  These must be of sufficient quality so that every person of the anticipated crowd can easily see and hear the presentation. Any questions relating to audiovisual requirements should be addressed to your TMIY Program Coordinator.