Woman In Love

It was the night before her wedding and Katie knew that the next time she saw her husband-to-be he would be standing at the end of a long aisle. The rehearsal dinner was over and the bride and groom stole a few moments together; their last before they became one. Katie handed Mark a gift that she had been preparing for him since high school; a binder of letters to her future spouse. The pages within were eager to reveal the secrets of a love that began years before the couple had ever laid eyes on one another. Thousands of miles away a teenage boy began his transformation to a life in Christ. In fact the very week that Katie began praying most intensely, for her future husband, was the exact week of Mark’s conversion.

Join in the story of a woman in love, and be transformed in the process. Katie will guide you as you begin to write letters to your husband-to-be (HTB) and dive into a life of prayer asking for his sanctification. Become spiritually united with your future spouse as you prepare to fall in love with him in the future. Discover the pathway to your own love story.

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“An exuberantly written tribute to the power of purity and prayer, Katie Hartfiel encourages and supports young women seeking to live a life in the Spirit on the path to their Husband-To-Be.” 
Franciscan Way Magazine