What Daughters Are Saying: 

  • “I couldn’t help but feel so empowered to really strive to keep that promise to be a woman who waited.” - Mo B. 
  • “As daughters we naturally look to our mothers to learn what it means to be a woman and also what it means to be beautiful. My mom assured me that she believed I could be pure, that I could be holy, and that I was beautiful.” - Shannon K. 
  • “Woman in Love’s story is so inspirational and I want to read the book over and over again! Especially being the same age she was when she started to write her letters, Katie inspires me to start searching for my HTB while knowing the right qualities and aspects God wants me to have in a relationship. Katie is truly a gift from God in my life and I will cherish this book as a reference for the rest of my life. Who knows, I might even pass it down to my own daughters some day! Woman in Love is a journey every girl should read and Katie’s wise words are definitely some to live by.” - Caroline M.
  • “Woman in Love has taught me the true purpose of marriage, to lead one another to become closer to Christ. This had me take a step back and realize that God loved me first and He should be the one who comes first in
  • my life. Also, He has one specific person He created with me in mind and I should wait for that person. God goes beyond our expectations. This has been an inspiration, and I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to discover what God had to say to me through Katie.” - Morgan B.
  • “I was blown away by so many points that you made and by your entire outlook on purity. It was as if you read my mind and were explaining things to me that I have been trying to explain to my friends for years.” - Claire H.
  • “I read your book last night. I could not put it down. It is such an inspiring example of how trusting in the Lord with all your heart leads to dreams coming true. I am starting to write letters to my HTB. Thank you so much for sharing your story.” -Rachel C.
  • “This book is AMAAAAAAAAAAZING! I read it in less than a day, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t do. I could not put it down.” - Jamelah F.

What Mothers Are Saying:

  • “I have a sixteen year old daughter and I must tell you, I wish I someone like you when I was this age. Your message and testimony are simply beautiful.  God is smiling - BIG!!  God bless you and your husband.  I just love your book….laughing and crying!” - Anon.
  • “I sent your book to my daughter; she read it and LOVED IT! She said she took notes and was incorporating a lot of your ideas into how she was already praying and journaling. I just love it when God gives me a glimpse of how He is working! Seeds are being planted! Thanks again for sharing such a personal testimony to help these young women search for their HTB in the RIGHT WAY!” - Sharon W.
  • “I can not get enough! I got teary in the first 2 pages! It’s so so great!  I just keep thinking of who I can give it to!” - Melinda L.
  • “I am looking forward to ongoing talks with my daughter, not dreading them or wondering what to do or say.” - Rhonda H.