Wed, May 22, 2013 - 11:46:49

The video below is a recording from the live webcast on Thursday, April 11th regarding the growth of the TMIY men’s program.

Question and Answer

During the webcast, participants were able to write in questions to Steve and Mark. Not all of the questions were answered due to time. Please find all the questions and answers below. 

Question 1

Q: When is the online Mission Night that was spoken about in the video? 

A: Thursday, May 9th @ 8pm Central at

Question 2

Q: I am interested in starting TMIY at my parish. How do I start? Whom do I contact? What are the first few steps?

A: The most important steps are to receive pastor approval and start to form a core team. Contact us at or 281-974-3541 for a step-by-step process beyond these first two steps.

Question 3

Q: Is the mission night recording available for download from your website?

A: No, but we do have it on DVD for anyone who is requesting it. Please contact us at or 281-974-3541.

Question 4

Q: How big is a core team?

A: We recommend a core team of 8 men. That number is somewhat variable. If you have a very small parish the logistical items to take care of are most likely a little easier. Therefore, you could easily cut this number in half in some circumstances.

Question 5

Q: How do I get this information to an interested friend who may want to start TMIY at his parish?

A: Please send him a link to our website and to our promotional videos. Also, please send him our contact information. Email: or 281-974-3541.

Question 6

Q: How do I make up sessions if I miss?

A: We hope to make the videos available by next fall for any participant who has missed a session. We are working on an App that would accommodate this and would work on a personal computer, smart phone, and tablet.

Question 7

Q: What is the most popular day of the week that parishes choose to host TMIY?

A: Thursdays and Fridays have become the most popular days. We have been told that men travel less for work at the end of the week than the beginning. We have seen successful programs on Tuesdays – Saturdays. All things being equal, mornings have worked the best.

Question 8

Q: When will the “new” Year 2 be ready?

A: We are filming a “new” Year 2 this summer and it will be ready by this fall. We will try to have the fall DVDs ready by the beginning of August.

Question 9

Q: What comes after Year 3?

A: TMIY Programming after Year 3 (The Revelation of the Father).

TMIY will offer four semesters from which you may pick and choose which semester you would like to use and when. As opposed to giving a 26-week program, we created four individual, stand-alone semesters. You will have the option to pick one of two fall semester options and then you will pick one of two spring semester options. You may choose one semester at a time as each semester will be packaged separately.

Fall Semester Options: (pick one of these two options for the fall)

  1. Mysteries of the Rosary: Joyful and Luminous (11 weeks)
  2. Mysteries of the Rosary: Sorrowful and Glorious (11 weeks)

Spring Semester Options: (pick one of these two options for the fall)

  1. Ladder to Heaven (9 weeks - includes a built-in Lenten Journey)
  2. Discerning the Will of God (9 weeks - includes a built-in Lenten Journey)


Question 10

Q: Do you ever recommend restarting back to Year 1?

A: Yes, we had 5 parishes do a re-start back to Year 1 in Houston this past year. In short, the main thing is trying to start from scratch. If the energy and effort is put into this as if this were an altogether new program launching Year 1 then it should be great. If the group just sends out a few emails and does not do a major marketing effort your group will shrink. All of this hinges on a core team that is energetic. Recruiting new men to the core team is also tremendous help.

Question 11

Q: Any updates on a women’s program or couples program?

A: We hope to have programming available for both women and couples by the fall of 2014.

Question 12

Q: How do we get this to younger fathers?

A: The best way to attract younger fathers is to have some of them on your core team. The core team becomes the “face” of the program.

Question 13

Q: Is TMIY only for parishes? What about running for teachers at a Catholic High School?

A: While TMIY has been designed for parishes it can still be used for groups such as described above. TMIY can also be used in a small group setting is someone’s home.

Question 14

Q: Do you ever hope to have an international version of TMIY?

A: We do hope to have an international version of TMIY one day. At this point, we don’t have a clear time table.